Horus Heresy – The Wall Cracks / Apocalypse (Sun)


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Perturabo seeks to increase the pressure on Rogal Dorn. He attacks without mercy on all fronts, tightening the grip until something gives. Following the attempt at breaking the siege in one masterstroke, the Lord of Iron returns to tried and true methods: overwhelming firepower and grinding attrition. With the telathesic ward keeping the majority of Neverborn at bay, massive concentrations of mortal and astartes troops bring their heaviest weapons to bear on the loyal forces. Every one of these apocalyptic battles represents a life-or-death struggle for humanity and the Emperor. The Loyalists must hold, or the Traitors will breakthrough.

The Wall Cracks event is an apocalypse battle. Bring all your biggest and most deadly weapons and primarchs. Players will fill out as many 2000-point lists as they would like, as long as they have all the models necessary to field them. Force organization charts are not going to be used in this event and there is no restriction on unit type. The amount of lists a particular player can bring to the battle will be determined the day of. Multiple lists will help to balance teams evenly. This event will use a target priority tier system. This means, if you should wish to bring primarily infantry, titans and super heavies will be far too busy engaging with each other to bother with lesser targets. There will be need for units of all sizes in this event. Reaction limits will also be modified. To ensure a smooth and fun game for everyone, this event will be moderated by an EO.