Horus Heresy Age of Darkness event (Saturday)

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This ticket gets you entry into the Lost and the Damned event taking place on Saturday, June 4th at Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Solar War has ended. The extraplanetary defenses have been overtaken by the sheer force and size of the Horus’s fleet and through the guiles of the Warp. Now, amidst an overwhelming orbital bombardment, the assault upon the Throneworld begins. This cataclysmic engagement is fueled by billions of lives, coin spent either for ground… or for time. Toxic battlefields, blasted outposts, blood-filled trenches, and the final outer redoubts mark the battlefields of the next and even more devastating phase of this final battle.

Lost and the Damned event will comprise of Zone Mortalis (ZM) tables, Age of Darkness (AoD) tables, and doubles tables. Players will need to have lists for all types of tables. Games will be narrative driven.  Loyalists vs Traitor, with individual victories going towards the teams overall score to determine if the Traitors can push through the outer walls, or if the Loyalists can hold them off, buying precious time.

ZM tables will be using a 1250 point list and use the Zone Mortalis Combatant force organization chart.
(1-2 HQ, 0-2 Elites, 1-3 Troops, 0-2 Fast Attack and 0-2 Heavy Support)

AoD and doubles tables will be using a 2500 point list and use the Age of Darkness force organization
chart. (1-3 HQ, 0-4 Elites, 2-6 Troops, 0-3 Fast Attack and 0-3 Heavy Support, 0-1 Lords of War)

Restrictions: No Knight households as primary detachment, No Knight Porphyrion. Only 1 unique named
character per list. Primarch’s Chosen rite of war is prohibited in ZM.